Legends and Lore

Legends and Lore

The world is divided into five regions.


Sharturia includes the lands east of the Tangleflow River and south of the Sharturian Sea, including the Greatwood. Most of the world is under the control of the Sharturian Empire with the exception of Teshvar, Skardavar, and the Greystone Lands. The emperor rules from the capital city of Shartar. The empire has troops stationed around the world in a series of forts on the fringes of “civilized” land, ostensibly to watch the lands beyond, but everyone knows that the emperor’s eyes are also on the lands already under his control.

The Valelands

The Valelands include all the land north and east of the Dragonspine Mountains, with the exception of the Greystone Lands. Once ruled by the Meredurk Clan, the Valelands are now under the control of the Sharturian Empire.


The breadbasket of the realm, Arboria is a rich and fertile land, covered in farms and lush forests.


Legends and Lore

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